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Plus-size, the new normal?

You’ve all heard it before. It’s a scary term.

Plus size.

Whether you are plus size or not, that term seems to scare people away. “Normal size” people don’t want to be offensive and plus size people seem to think the term just means fat (it doesn’t). And for some reason, for many high fashion designers and even your average fashion designers, the word is completely taboo! Plus size? How complicated!

Tim Gunn is an American fashion consultant, television personality, actor and author and most well known as the host of the famous show Project Runway, a cutthroat fashion design competition reality TV show. Up until recent years, most fashion designers on the show designed and created clothing for the standard 0-12 sizes. Not anymore. Plus size designers have been popping up on Project Runway recently and have been making a huge wave of success. They are only the beginning of what needs to change in the fashion industry in America. Take a look at what Tim has to say about the fashion industry’s problems.

Did you hear that?

The average American woman wears between a size 16 and 18? That is 80 million women. You wouldn’t think so considering the majority of sizes at standard clothing stores are between 0 and 12.

How does that make sense? Oh, wait. It doesn’t.

As a “plus-size” woman, I have struggled for years to find clothing that fits me properly and that looks good. The combination is nearly impossible. Luckily, some clothing brands have started to catch on. Old Navy, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe and other popular brands have started expanding their designs to include these 80 million women in America. Luckily, I’ve found a few places where I can, every now and again, find an article of clothing that I actually like and that I can actually afford.

Will it ever get to a point where we plus-size women can walk into a store and easily find four or five amazing must-have pieces of clothing as our size 6 friends can? I don’t know. Maybe not anytime soon, but I do know that the industry is making progress, slowly but surely.

There are hundreds, probably thousands of plus-size bloggers out there, sharing their insights and tips and outfit ideas to other women that may struggle with clothing inspiration and body positivity. These women are helping make a change to the way that the world sees plus size women.

The rest of the blog posts in this section of my blog will be about the struggles and blessings of being a plus-size woman. I hope to help shed light on the supposedly complicated, confusing, difficult shapes of plus size women. Did you know that no two size 4s are the same either? Hmm. Strange.

Designers, make it work!


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