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Style Inspiration

One of the hardest things as a plus size woman is finding a style. For some women, their style is simply what fits and what is inexpensive. Many boutiques and stores that specialize in plus-size clothing can be very pricey compared to standard size stores.

For example, a pair of jeans from Torrid is nearly $60, whereas a pair of jeans from a standard size store ranges from $25-$45 (yes, there are many standard size stores that have jeans for $70+, but the plus size store selection is still very limited, while standard sized women have much more of a selection).

This makes it hard for plus size women to really pick a style they like and build their wardrobe around it.

Sometimes all women really need is to see other women wearing amazing outfits that make them think, “Oh yeah, I could totally pull that off!”

Luckily for us, there are many plus sized fashion bloggers around the world giving out fashion inspiration. These bloggers comes in all shapes and sizes and they give more confidence to women around the world to go for it! Wear patterns, wear skinny jeans!

The best part about these blogs is that most of the time they will give you a link to what they are wearing in their pictures.

photo source

Gabifresh is a great example of a plus size style blog. She’s also an upcoming model and updates her readers about her new projects. She has some high end plus size clothing, but she also keeps it simple with this Target Holiday post with some links to some great and inexpensive plus size clothing.

photo source

Girl With Curves is another great plus size blogs with endless style inspiration and advice. Every post is filled with fashion and links to where to find it, anywhere from Old Navy, Target, JC Penney and to the more expensive end, if that’s your preference.

The trick to finding your style is to be open minded. Even if you’re not sure, try it on. You’ll never know how it looks until it’s on your body. The other trick is to remember that the only person who needs to worry about what is on your body is YOU. Get out there, find some inspiration and make your wardrobe happy.

And, of course, if you need more inspiration one of the best places to find (nearly) endless ideas is Pinterest.

Get inspired!


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