COMM 111

A Reflection

I’ve started a blog probably five times and each time I’ve eventually either grown bored and stopped posting, forgot about it, lost inspiration… but all have died for one reason or another.

This blog has been enjoyable to write. If any of the followers I have recently and surprisingly gained actually do end up reading this, know that I picked up this section of my blog for my Writing for Communication Career class at BYU-Idaho.

Shout out to the most enjoyable and challenging class I’ve ever experienced and by far the coolest and most hilarious teacher I’ve ever had, Emmilie Whitlock.

Yes, this post is for extra credit, but that was not me trying to get extra-extra credit. It’s a sincere and true comment.

I’ve read blog posts for the last several years and I’ve seen really good ones and I’ve seen really BAD ones. I hope the ones I have written are good. From what I’ve read and from what I’ve learned this semester in class, I think I have done at least a pretty good job.

Now, about my topic. Why did I choose to talk about plus size fashion? I had the opportunity to write a research paper in my English class and create a website for my Web Development class and I chose to write and design in and about the plus size industry in those classes too.

In the scary land of teenage years and the horror story of high school, I wanted so badly to just be skinny and fit into all the cute clothes that all the pretty girls at school wore. I denied for so long that I was “plus-size”. I didn’t want to be seen shopping in the plus size section for years. But eventually I got tired of going shopping with my friends and not being able to take anything back to the dressing room. Most of the time it was because the stores didn’t offer anything in my size.

The plus size world is expanding and fighting against what society says is “perfect”. I think it’s an important movement. We women have to stick together and I don’t think clothes or body shapes should keep us from doing so.

So, thank you for reading and following me on this short semester-long journey. I hope to keep up with this because, let’s face it, this plus size booty aint going anywhere.

Now, for you, here are some of my favorite plus size bloggers that wear AMAZING clothing that I envy so hard.




Girl With Curves


Nicolette Mason


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